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Senior Pastor - Rev. Dwayne Kight

Bro. Dwayne surrendored to the call of ministry at New Prospect Baptist Church in Cross city FL. under the leadership of Bro. Billy Robson and Bro. Gene Coons. He was then called into the position of associate pastor & minister of youth at Rock Sink Baptist Church where he was ordained into the Gospel Ministry.

Bro. Dwayne has a degree in Pastoral Ministry from Ohio Christian University. He teaches and preaches from the King James Version Bible and does so with power and authority. He listens to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and follows his calling even when it looks a litte unorthodox. He stands completly on the written word of God and makes no apologies for it. 

Bro. Dwayne and his wife April, along with their two daughters Maddi & Ella are very hands-on in the church and all it's functions.